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How to Groom a horse

 Clean Horse’s Hooves

Using a hoof pick, start at the heel of the foot and pick forward to the toe, carefully removing all rocks, dirt and debris. Make sure to clean the grooves on either side of the frog, the V-shaped part of the hoof. You should neither pick the horse’s frog or dig deeply into the grooves.

Clean the Horse’s Face

 Use a different sponge/cloth/wipe for the dock area (under the tail). Because these areas are constantly moist, dirt and mucus build up and need to be cleaned out. Always remember to be gentle when doing this; these areas are sensitive.

Brush out the Mane and Tail 

 Before you start, use your fingers to separate the hairs caught in large tangles. Hold the whole tail/large section of mane in one hand (to avoid tugging) and brush it out with the other. Continue taking small pieces from the side of the tail until you have brushed the whole tail.



Horse bite

Maybe the last time your horse tried to nibble on you he was just trying to reciprocate the way he would with his buddy in the pasture. You have to let him understand that this isn’t acceptable, but realize that his intention was probably not aggression.


shy horse

 To understand how limited a horse’s vision is directly in front of his face, place your hands in front of your face with the fingers pointed up and pressed together over your nose. 


pony orphan

Notice that she will tolerate a certain amount of playfulness, nipping and climbing on her, but eventually she will “school” her foal. Watch carefully: note that she warns with her ears, by swinging her head or threatening with a foot.

Quote from the expert


For centuries, humans have said to horses, ‘You do what I tell you or I’ll hurt you.’ Humans still say that to each other — still threaten, force and intimidate. I’m convinced that my discoveries with horses have value in the workplace, in the educational and penal systems, and in the raising of children. At heart, I’m saying that no one else has the right to say ‘you must’ to an animal — or to another human.

— Monty Roberts

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One tactic that often works on horses that are already barn sour is to work them harder once you get them back to the barn than they have to work while you are riding them. 



Learning from the experiences of others can provide the fastest route to knowledge. You can often order books directly through the websites listed above of the author you are interested in. 



The horse breeding industry has seen a lot of advancements over the past two or more decades. This is not shocking considering the fact that the industry has been around for many years.

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