My Experience of Owing a Horse as a Pet

Owning a horse as a pet is by far one of the most daunting thoughts that can surface in any human being’s mind. This is mainly because of the unique nature of horses and the fact that they are not often considered as pets.

The average size of a horse is far more than the average size of a pet.

This accounts for the reason why horses are not often considered as pets. Rather, they are considered as beasts of burden. Even though horses are not considered by many as animals that can serve as pets, they actually make perfect pets. I would not mind sharing my experience with horses as pets.

Buying a horse from scratch

Buying a horse
Buying a horse from auction

This is by far the most intricate aspect of owning a horse as a pet. Whether you would like to believe it or not, there are horses that can make good pets and those that cannot. How well you choose your horse from scratch, will determine whether you end up with a great pet or not. Going for a horse that is good looking is a perfect idea since it will be easier to be emotionally bonded with it. I personally enjoy white horses based on my love for the color and its associated life meanings.

The general grooming of a horse

This is quite challenging but often fun depending on how close you and your horse have become. It is important to choose the best grooming tools if you are to achieve the best grooming results. In general, the use of a brush along with a proper cleaning reagent should be enough to leave your horse thoroughly clean. How often you clean your pet will depend will depend on your lifestyle and how actively involved your horse is in that lifestyle. Therefore, cleaning days may range from once or twice a week to around four times a week.

Meeting dietary needs

The other important issue worth bearing in mind is meeting the dietary needs of a horse. This is important as it will affect the general wellbeing of your horse and whether it ends up living the full extent of its lifespan or not.

Your horse needs to have a balanced diet. Giving it straw is not enough. I personally combine the straw with additives such as vitamins and mineral nutrients along with water.

Going for veterinary checkups

horse check up
Monthly veterinary check up for horses

A horse may not be in perfect health at all times. For this reason, it has to be taken for medical checkups as often as possible. I usually take it for veterinary checkups at least once a month even if it may not be exhibiting any signs of being unwell. In an event that the horse becomes unwell, you are supposed to take your horse for veterinary checkups more frequently. I personally prefer taking it for checkups at least once a week if it starts showing signs of being unwell.


Bonding with your pet is an integral part of enjoying your life with the pet. You have to try by all means to find time for the horse. This will help you to bond with your horse and enjoy many more times together both in the near and distant future. I personally take the horse for walks or even shopping.

General challenges

Having a horse for a pet is not always a smooth ride. Rather, it comes with a number of challenges that horse owners have to deal with. For example, you have to deal with the high costs that come with buying supplementary foods and seeking veterinary help.