Rate Of Conception Can Be Increased Through Modern Horse Breeding Technologies – Know More

Horse breeding generally refers to the use of human methods to give rise to foal. Over the years, a good number of horse breeding techniques have been discovered and implemented. This is mainly because many horses are required to meet the current high demand for horses in various industries. The evolution of the horse breeding industry is mainly as a result of the continued need for the acceleration of the reproduction of foals. Each of the methods is associated with its own pros and cons.

It is entirely up to you to search for a method that is good enough to deliver your desired horse breeding results. Fortunately, it is possible to come across a method that is good enough to deliver remarkable results.

One of the best horse breeding methods that are used today takes advantage of the rate of conception. It is mainly based on the acceleration of the rate of conception.

This means that the horses are caused to conceive at a much faster pace following the administration of certain modern breeding methods.

The need for increasing the rate of conception in horses

Perhaps you are wondering why it is very important to increase the rate of conception in horses. There are numerous reasons that can account for this. But, this is mainly because the natural horse breeding techniques or the natural reproduction cycle in horses is not sufficient to meet the current demand for horses. As such, there is every need to switch to new and advanced breeding techniques. Under normal circumstances, horses often deliver up to a single foal for every pregnancy following the end of a single gestation period. Generally, multiple foals are not common. They are rarely observed even amongst the well fed horses.

Modern horse breeding technologies-basics

The general idea behind every horse breeding technique is to alter one of the entities of the reproduction cycle of a horse. Depending on how best you alter a specific entity of a reproduction cycle, you can expect to reap your desired results. One of the most notable aspects of reproduction is fertilization. This is the mere fusion of the male and female gametes. It may take place shortly following mating or may occur a little while later.

Reproductive cycle of horses
Reproductive cycle of horses

Modern horse breeding technologies often alter the general reproduction cycle of horses. They often modify the conception stage since it is an important aspect of a horse’s reproduction cycle. If you have prospects of increasing the number of foals that your mare is able to give rise to within each reproduction cycle, you may need to embrace one or more of the current horse breeding technologies. The most common horse breeding technique involves the use of semen from a donor.

Through artificial insemination, the semen is deposited into the mare’s reproductive tract. Provided the mare is ready for follicle development, fertilization is likely to take place within a short time frame.

Mares have to be examined on a frequent basis to ensure that they are ready for follicle formation. This often involves the use of various techniques such as the ultra sound examination method. The method involves the examination of the mares at least four times a day to make sure they are sufficiently ready for follicle development prior to artificial insemination.

There is one more important thing that is worth bearing in mind when carrying out this technique for accelerating the reproduction in horses. It is the fact that the mares must have reached the ovulation stage for them to successfully facilitate the fusion of the male and female gametes. Without this condition being met, it is practically impossible to get the right results following artificial insemination.

Results on the ground

If you own a horse or you interested in making use of any of the existing modern horse breeding methods, you may be thrilled to learn that they are quite effective. Over the years, amazing results have been realized by many owners of horses. Seek audience with an expert if you want to get the best out this modern horse breeding technique. Undoubtedly, your horse’s number of foals per reproduction cycle will increase.