Popular Horse Riding Competitions Around The World

Horse riding over time has become a prestigious sport as well as all inclusive of the many competitions involved. Today it encompasses the race track competitions and Eventing which is the most inclusive discipline of the sport demanding utmost experience from the competitor and the horse.

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Some of the most exquisite events round the world are for these

Kentucky Derby (Louisville, Kentucky)

Annually on every first Saturday of May the first leg of the US Triple Crown of Thoroughbred racing happens at the Kentucky Derby. This draws a fairly large crowd of up to 150000 at the Churchill Downs majorly because the competition has been marked every other year from 1875. Informally it is known as the greatest two minutes in sport because it’s a short competition of 1 and a quarter miles that does not last beyond two minutes. The winning horse is adorned with a garland of more than a hundred roses in the presence of celebrities and other horse lovers.

Preakness Stakes (Baltimore, Maryland)

This is another traditional fair that occurs every year with its origins back in 1873. Its management overtime has tried to maintain a sense of tradition such as awarding the winner with the huge Woodlawn Vase while the horse is adorned with a sophisticated Black-eyed Susan blanket which is the state flower. This event is more of a cerebration as drinks keep flowing as the concert keeps playing before the race begins.

Belmont Stakes (Elmont in New York)

This is also in the series of the Triple Crown with its history dating back to 1865. Being in New York, it is the most commercialized event being the longest and the most challenging with 0ne and a half mile round the track. This is the most preferable race of the Triple Crown series for most people as they can easily access New York.

Prix De l’Arc De Triomphe (Paris In France)

Commonly known as the Arc it is one of the biggest sporting events in Europe. Because of its huge sensationalism in othe international arena it receives the most elegant crowd. Because of its sporting scale due to close relations with the Qatar racing and the Equestrian club it happens to be one of the most prized sporting events. It is worth your while though as the jazz entertainment is world class and the champagne is also refined.

Longchamp – 05/10/2014 – QATAR PRIX DE L’ARC DE TRIOMPHE (Gr 1) Q+ – TREVE, Thierry Jarnet –

Dubai World Cup (United Arab Emirates)

Current trends in the international sporting realm are the Dubai World Cup event in Dubai that traces its recent history to the Meydan 1996 Race course. Since Dubai has developed into one of the preferable international destinations, it has been able to draw an international and local following. It is one of the wealthiest sporting affair with the grand prize being 10 million dollars cash prize. In 2010 the organizers opened the Meydan race course and the executive Meydan hotel for people to watch at the comfort of their luxury suits.

Breeder’s Cup World Championship

This is also a modern day event with very recent history but it has successfully drawn the heavy weights in the industry. It does not have a fixed ground but alternates based on the organizer’s exquisite preference. Its grand prize is 21 million dollars and it only attracts those willing and able to pay top dollar for reservation.

Grand National (Aintree England)

This is the only event that offers diversity from all the other international horse racing e vents. This involves horses racing in multiples in a 4 mile track that has 30 inbuilt fences. The event takes place for three day and assumes a festive mood so if looking for a classic horse experience you have to book in to a hotel in Aintree in advance.