The horse breeding industry has seen a lot of advancements over the past two or more decades. This is not shocking considering the fact that the industry has been around for many years. This explains why it is also earliest industry to have attempted to use artificial insemination. Horse breeders are increasingly becoming important owing to the rise in the demand for horses and other equine family animals. For example, a good number of people have realized that owing a horse as a pet is actually a perfect idea. In the light of this, there has been a rise in the number of householders that are buying horses as pets. There is no doubt that the numbers are likely to rise in the near future as more people come to the same realization. Further, there is also a rise in the number of people that are taking part in recreational activities that involve horses and other equine family animals. This has also given rise to more sporting events and shows that involve horses. All these factors combined have led to the continued expansion of the horse breeding industry.

Horse breeders are rising up to the challenge

Horse farm

The horse breeding industry has not expanded as a result of the continued rise in the annual profits that are associated with the industry. Rather, it is mainly because of the rise in the demand for horses and other members of the equine family. The horse breeding industry has simply risen up to the challenge in a bid to meet the needs of the clients. In the recent past, the industry has seen a significant rise in the number of players. For example, the recreational sports industry has been on top of the industries which have ignited the rise in the demand for horses. The horse breeding industry has been able to come to terms with this challenge and is currently able to produce enough horses to meet the continued rise in demand for horses and other members of the equine family.

Horse breeders that are keeping the industry on top

There are certain horse breeders that are responsible for making the horse breeding industry as viable as it is today. Today, these horse breeders have taken the industry to greater heights through the use of high quality horse breeding methods. Some of the most notable horse breeders that are worth reckoning with are indicated below. Each of these individuals is mainly present on the list based on the insurmountable contribution they had made to the industry and the amount of revenue they have been able to realize ever since they joined the industry. Some of them have already departed while others are still alive.

Willis Sharpe Kilmer: an American who is renowned for the high level of success that was associated with his horse breeding campaign. He died at the age of 79.


Jerry Moss: currently aged 80; Mr Moss is renowned for his amazing contribution to the industry through the use of highly innovative horse breeding techniques.


Debbie Riddle; Mr Riddle is a politician and horse breeder who has so far demonstrated his unique capacity to combine both professions quite well. He is able to contribute greatly to the industry.